Planning a wedding is stressful, but I hope this information from a photographer’s perspective helps.


Do you do custom wedding packages?

I can customize wedding packages depending on your requests. Please contact me for more detailed information.

Do you require a contract?

Yes. I require a contract for all photography sessions. I have a contract specific to weddings. It seems lengthy, but it is written with easily readable language. You need to read it carefully and let me know of any questions immediately and prior to signing.

How will things go after we book with you?

After you book a wedding package with me, we will schedule your engagement session if your collection included one or you decided to add one. I will keep in touch with you up until the wedding day. During ths time we can go over the timeline together or I can help you compile a timeline for the wedding day. I have questionnaires I like to have you both fill out that gives me a clear idea of how the photography will flow on the day.

How many photographers will be at my wedding?

Just me! Unless you request and pay for a second photographer which I can provide. If you’re not sure if you need one or not, we can definitely talk about this and I can help you make the decision. Please contact me for pricing.

What happens if you're sick and cannot be at the wedding?

Unless I am in the hospital or absolutely bedridden, I will be photographing your wedding. If by some chance something does prevent me from being able to physically photograph your day, I will use all my resources to find you another photographer. This is outlined in the contract. This happened for the first time in 2019 I had the flu, could not fly to a wedding in North Carolina with out risking my health and other people's, so I found a photographer I trusted, changed the plane tickets, and had her photograph the wedding while I still edited with my style.

How long will it take to get my images after the wedding?

Right now the timeline is 10-12 weeks for editing of the photos during busy season. Albums usually take an extra 6-10 weeks depending the process of picking photos, approving pages, etc. This timeline is not guaranteed and may be longer or shorter than 12 weeks. In the years to come I plan to make my editing timeline shorter by taking on less weddings per year.

How long do the portraits take at weddings?

A great idea is see each other before the ceremony (sometimes called a first look or reveal) to have an intimate moment together. If we do this, we can take care of all wedding party and family photos before the ceremony, including some couples portraits. This will also take careful planning and cooperation with your photographer (hopefully me!) when creating the timeline. This ensures that family can join the cocktail hour and enjoy themselves post-ceremony and the bride and groom have more time for their portraits.

If you would prefer not to see each other before the ceremony, the other option is that we do as many photos as possible pre-ceremony. This saves a lot of time for couple’s photos and family portraits after the ceremony. I still usually need at least 1-2 hours after the ceremony for all portraits if we do not do most photos pre-ceremony.

Wedding party & family group portraits: I would love at least 30 minutes after the ceremony to have time for some fun, creative photos of the wedding party and family group photos. If you want more family photos and/or have a large family, consider this in the time. Please designate a person that knows everyone to help me gather them for the family photos. This is extremely important. I can yell out names, but I won’t know the faces. Please make sure the family members know to be present and stay until all family photos are completed. Otherwise we will need to move on without them if they are missing.

Your first photos as a married couple: I also request for your benefit at least 45 minutes alone with the newlyweds. This is essential for you as it is a time to relax after the big ceremony and just spend some moments together as a married couple for the first time. I am able to photograph in any lighting situation, however, natural light is very flattering. Please keep this in mind when figuring out your wedding timeline. You should find out the sunset time for the day of your wedding and plan to have your ceremony at least an hour or two (depending on how long the ceremony is) before sunset. Again, I would love to work with you and help you on your timeline. Please contact me about choosing the best times and locations for all parts of the day, including getting ready.

What about inclement weather?

In cases where there is rain or dangerous weather, we of course would not do photos outdoors and would find a suitable place indoors with enough room and natural light. Please understand, though, that the photos will not be the same as what is represented in my portfolio for outdoor lighting photos. If you’re brave, we can have fun in the rain as long as there is no lightning.

What about getting ready photos?

I really enjoy taking candid photos of everyone involved during getting ready. This is a fun time when you are all interacting with each other, acting silly, maybe having a glass of champagne or wine together getting toasty. I really get to know everyone well during this time and it is as fun for me as it is for you! You really want to try to include these photos in your day. It is good to set apart 2-3 hours for this so that I am able to capture both parties along with the details such as jewelry, shoes, cufflinks, gifts being given, etc. This preparation time can be so spectacular for photos.

Also, please be conscious of the room where the getting ready/before detail shots will be taken. Try to make sure there isn’t too much clutter, not too cramped and the room is clean with good window light. Aesthetically, this is the best way to prepare for the getting ready photos. Make sure to have all details that need to be included in photos in one place. Details include items such as rings, any other jewelry the couple will be wearing, purse, shoes, dresses, bouquets, boutonnieres, cuff links, garter, perfume bride will be wearing, copies of the wedding invitation, program and menu and anything else you would like included. It is very important so that we stick with the timeline that these things are taken care of before the photographer is scheduled to arrive.

What about details/decor/reception photos?

I would love to get photos of the reception details and decorations before the ceremony begins. Please make sure that there is at least 20-30 minutes between the time we finish the getting ready photos and some of the group photos and the ceremony (including travel). This will give me a chance to run to the reception and get photos beforehand and be back in time to photograph the ceremony. Though, if the reception is in another location I would need much more time to drive back and forth or if it is set up very early I could go there first. This should be considered when you pick your package. Please always work with your photographer on the timeline (I can’t say this enough).

Should I make a list of group photos or other photos I may want?

In the questionnaire that you would fill out for me, I give you up to 5-10 different combinations of family photos. I do not recommend doing more than this due to time constraints at most weddings, especially if these are all being done after the wedding ceremony. One thing that is extremely helpful with the group photos is to choose a friend or a relative that actually knows the people and can gather them with me. It is also helpful if you do a first look because then we will have more time after the ceremony for photos. As far as listing other photos, you don’t need to make a shot list such as candid photos, dancing photos, cake cutting, speeches, ceremony kiss, etc, because you can be assured I will be there to capture those moments, unless any of them are different from traditional. If you have any other special photos or different events during the wedding that you would like, please list those on the questionnaire. If you have ideas for the portrait sessions with the groups or just the two of you, feel free to share these ideas with me ahead of time so we can discuss them.

Preferred Vendors

I have my own working list of preferred vendors you can find here on my site. There are many amazing local businesses in this area of Florida and I am sure I am missing many. What I have are the people I have actually met and/or worked with on weddings. If you would like a recommendation on any services such as a florist, planner or entertainment, please see my Vendor Love page.

What's my shooting style?

I go into this in lots of detail on my experience page so make sure to check that out. To make it short, I consider myself both a candid documentary style photographer and one that directs and poses during certain times. I think being flexible is very important and all people and situations are different.

Why do I photograph weddings?

Short answer, out of anything I've ever photographed for the past 15-20 years I've been a photographer, weddings have stood as my favorite. Long answer, I love moments, I live for them, and weddings are full of them. I love the fact that you'll have these memories to look back over the years and other generations to come will also look at them. When my mom passed away in 2011, the significance of photos took on a whole new level. Needless to say, it's priceless. While that puts a certain pressure on me while shooting weddings, I oddly enough enjoy working under pressure.

Can I see full wedding galleries?

Absolutely! Just reach out and ask and I'd be happy to provide full galleries to you. I can even find ones for weddings that take place at your venue if I've photographed there before.

Do you have backups of everything?

I have backup equipment and several stages of backup for your images. I have one working hard drive, one back up drive and off site backup as well. I have three cameras at all times (because I always shoot with two) and at least 3-4 lenses, extra batteries, flashes/lighting and memory cards.

Are you comfortable shooting in all lighting situations?

Short answer, yes. I am prepared and experienced to photograph in almost every lighting situation. Low light, harsh bright light, sunset light, artificial light, etc. During the reception I use a combination of lighting with flashes and ambient light for variety of mood to the photos which is just one reason I shoot with two cameras at all times.

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