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Hi guys! I’m Regina Rached (pronounced Ra-shid since everyone asks). It comes from my Lebanese dad’s side. I’m a quirky, fun, creative wedding and portrait photographer in Tampa, but available around the world. Just pack me in your suitcase (I’m small). I like to make genuine connections with my clients and couples (over coffee, wine or tequila) and take pride in creating a relationship with you so that the photos are natural and real. Fair warning, I say “geez Louise” a lot. I am an inclusive photographer and believe in equal marriage rights. I also really enjoy offbeat sessions and weddings and people who push the norms and make their own traditions.

If you believe in investing in your memories while also having a blast let's do the damn thing! You can read more about the experience working with me here.

PS- I love Tampa and St. Pete, been here almost my whole life, but I'd love to see more of the world. Ask about my travel bucket list and you may only have to pay travel fees for two.

Let's Create Together!
The personality behind the camera: I am goofy, clumsy, but really cool I promise. I love my my 3 rescue pups (Zita, DD, and Enzo), karaoke (23andMe says I'm 50% likely to carry a tune), music from every decade and genre (I can literally go from listening to Gucci Mane straight to The Smiths then to David Bowie and to Missy Elliott and to Dolly Parton then to Sam Cooke), Wes Anderson movies, Halloween, fast cars (I used to do drift racing), get togethers with friends and family (that sometimes involve tequila or wine), road trips, and Tampa Bay. Though I was born overseas in Lebanon, Tampa has been my home since I was two.

Find out more about me and my brand below.
If you haven’t noticed already, I love animals, especially dogs. I have 3 rescues. Enzo, who inspired the above image, is an Italian Greyhound we rescued from Pasco Animal Services. He was found running the streets and is now in tip, top shape. The oldest and queen of the bunch is Zita. She was a 1 year anniversary surprise to me. DD, short for Demon Dog, is our middle child. When she loves you, she really loves you, but it is the same for when she hates you.
I’ve been wearing glasses for a while now and I feel naked (and somewhat blind) without them. My face and brand would not be the same without them. Neither would your photos since I wouldn’t be able to see sh*t! If you’re looking for some neat frames, let me know and I will tell you where to get them.
If you’re from Tampa you know the reference in the title here. There was a record store called Vinyl Fever and you could get $1 deals on great albums! I love vintage anything, especially the sound of music on vinyl. I’ve been collecting since high school and many also come from Banana Records in St. Pete. I even featured records at my own wedding by using thrift store sourced albums for my center pieces and did the table numbers in calligraphy on the records themselves.
I’ve been traveling since a very young age, because I was born in Lebanon. My dad is Lebanese and my mom was American Italian and Irish. My dream is to continue traveling for destination weddings and landscapes. I have a passion to not only see the world, but eat and drink it too! Really use all my senses! I love history and there is just so much to see and document.

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