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General tips for couples:

1. Prepare to hug, kiss, embrace, talk to and look at each other.

2. I know it is obvious that the camera is there, but you do not need to look at the camera unless I actually ask you to. It’s always a nice photo when one is looking at the camera and the other is looking at them affectionately. Look at each other, that is what you’re there for. Talk and say silly things to one another that will spark a natural laugh, hence a natural smile. You also do not have to be looking at anything at times. Looking away, down or closing your eyes and just being in the moment produces much more natural images.

3. Some moments should be paused a little bit longer. For example, if you kiss, hold it and savor it for a few seconds so the I can get the photo. Please know that if you want the photographer to catch something, give them a chance and try not to move from one pose or moment to another too quickly. Take in the moment

What to bring other than the above?
  • A positive attitude and a smile (you are going to look amazing)
  • Water/Beverages (adult in nature if you’re open to it) Snacks
  • Makeup/mirror for touch ups
  • Hair brush and accessories to change hair styles (if necessary)
  • Comfortable shoes to walk in if the ones for photos are not comfortable
  • Towel or paper towels for perspiration (Welcome to Florida especially in the summer)
Other appearance tips:

1. Hair & makeup. A professional artist takes it to the next level. You can set aside enough time to do these things yourself or make an appointment to get them done (I suggest the latter). Make sure, though, that the hair and makeup represents you. If you need suggestions on great hair and makeup artists do let me know.

2. Please do not get sunburned. Make sure at least a week ahead of time that if you are trying to get a tan, you do not over do it for the photos.

What should we wear?

What you wear is just as distinctive as your props and location. I don’t want to say that you have to fit some cookie cutter mold and tell you what you can and can’t wear. I want the clothing to be at least somewhat comfortable so you can move in it. As far as shoes go, pick fantastic ones that you think will stand out in the photos. If they are not so comfortable, just remember to bring along some flats or sneakers (if we are in a rustic setting) to walk around in because we will be doing some walking. Logos on clothing are not recommended, unless it has to do specifically with the location or is a prop you are including. You should definitely have at least two outfits picked out, though. Try to coordinate with each other, but don’t get too matchy. Pinterest has lots of great ideas for outfit ideas. Also, please consider the location of the session and the time of year (temperature) when deciding your wardrobe, though I don’t want this to fully control your ideas. Just because we will be outdoors does not mean you cannot be stylish! Flattering accessories are great as well for men and women!

Can we bring a pet?

Yes! I love animals and have three dogs of my own. If this pet is special to both of you and can be contained/controlled during the day I definitely recommend bringing them. You could even bring someone along to watch them while you have your photos taken.

Do you use props?

I do not own any props for engagement sessions. I prefer to capture the interactions between you two, but I always encourage you to bring your own props. These props should have meaning to you as a couple and would show your love personally. For example, one couple brought wine with picnic wine glasses because they love wine. I also had a couple bring some of their favorite books because they both love to read. So that part will be up to you if you have any personal items.

Where should we take the engagement photos?

I am not one to suggest a common place to take the engagement photos as I really like it to be a place that is special to you as a couple. It could be where you met, a place you like to visit together, your favorite hobby to do as a couple, etc. This is not only great for me to get to know you, but also you will likely feel more comfortable in a place that is unique to you. I can always make suggestions depending on your preference and personalities (woodsy, rustic, urban, architectural or a little of both!).

How long does an engagement session last?

There are two packages: one includes coverage for up to 2 hours and the other includes coverage up to 4 hours. The 4 hour package is more so for an adventure engagement session where we would go do some type of activity and include it in our session such as going on a boat, bike riding, bowling, anything, you name it!

What time and day is best to schedule engagement sessions?

I think most if not all photographers will agree, early morning (sunrise) or around sunset (maybe 2 hours before) are the best times for photos. With that said, I am able to shoot in any light at any time, weekdays or weekends as long as I am not already booked.

When should we schedule the engagement session?

To schedule this we must first decide what the purpose of the engagement session will be. My number one intention is to get you comfortable and relaxed in front of me and my camera before the wedding. As a couple you will need to decide what you want to do with the photos and the prints that come with the session. You can order an album or guest album with me and use it at the reception. You may also want to make “save the date” cards to send out to your guests. If you want to do the save the date cards they are usually sent out 4 months before the wedding. Engagement photos take 4-6 weeks for me to process so keep this in mind.

Why should we have an engagement session?
  • To get to know your photographer, me!
  • To get to know how I pose.
  • To get to know yourself in front of the camera.
  • To get great, professional photos of yourselves not in formal wedding attire.
  • To get photos you can use for your wedding such as save the dates, wedding slideshow, signature frame, guestbook album, or just prints for guests to see around the reception.

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