For Photographers

Hi guys!  I come from a teaching background, so I knew I’d always want to teach other photographers.
I get questions and messages from other photographers all the time reaching out to learn from me so I’ve put together a mentorship program for you all. In the past ten plus years I’ve learned a lot about photography, beyond technical, especially the business side of things and I’d love to share all of this knowledge with you.

Whether it’s just a hobby, you’ve started a business, or are advanced and just want a creative boost, I’d love to help!

Full and half day mentorships starting at $350.

One hour Facetime/Skype or in person one topic sessions starting at $100/hour.

(such as SEO, starting your business, how to close the deal, editing/lightroom, etc)


I’m so beyond excited to announce my first workshop I’m hosting with Juju of

Please follow us on Instagram and our site for more details!

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