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Palm Harbor White Chapel Wedding with Personal Details – Lucille and Kellen

Lucille and Kellen have a modern and personal Palm Harbor White Chapel wedding with tons of greenery, wine and family!

Having lots of things in common and probably running into each other a few times in high school, they officially hung out for the first time at a Mowgli’s concert while both attending the University of Missouri. Their first date represents them as a couple, spontaneous and fun loving, they went CLIFF DIVING! They are both really close with their families as well which is why they live in Florida now since Lucille’s parents and siblings live here. Not to forget, Lucille is named after her dad’s mom which is extremely important. We first connected on the name because of my love for Lucille Ball. They decided to have a Palm Harbor White Chapel wedding so that they could bring a modern edge to a church wedding.

Things I remember most about their wedding day:

Lucille’s beautiful Hayley Paige dress, the raw diamond in her engagement ring, the handmade map in their stationary, Kellen’s gift of home brewed beer for his groomsmen (so thoughtful!), their exchange of personal vows at sunset on the dock, their love for wine and how they chose bottles for decor, how close they are with their families and how INSANELY talented Lucille and her family are at dancing! WOW! Her parents say it comes from going to Catholic dances growing up.

Thank you to the following for making their day possible:

Her brother Brooks for doing videography, Lucille’s friend Amanda for helping with videography, Something Borrowed Blooms, Delectables Catering, Locale Market for the cake, Kevin Kramer DJ, Lucille’s cousin Sheila Cook and friend Jessica Dennis for helping coordinate.

Kellen and I have made it our mission to make every day and adventure, but he deserves all the credit for making that happen. He makes going on late night walks an adventure. He makes our upcoming life plans an adventure. He makes BUDGETING an adventure. If this man can make budgeting an adventure, he can bring adventure to even the most boring person’s life.
So I can’t quite pick one single adventurous thing I’ve done with Kellen, but I’d say going through life with him is an adventure in and of itself, and marrying him will be the greatest adventure yet.

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