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Romantic Wedding at Waldo’s Secret Garden – Jessica and Kevin

Jessica and Kevin have a romantic Waldo’s Secret Garden wedding in Vero Beach with their close family, friends and pup (Jessica’s first love) Petey Pablo.

These two met through their recreational soccer teams, but that isn’t the half of it. I’ll just let them tell their story since they do it so well and have me laughing out loud! “I began watching Kevin, as he ran around like an antelope on the field. He was intriguing. Then the Reynolds family told me about a time at the local bar that Kevin ate 50 of their nuclear wings as a challenge. At that moment, I knew in my heart that he needed to be mine. So I hunted him…I studied him…and when the opportunity presented itself at the end of season party, I pounced.” “Right away she caught my eye and as I checked off every box for my ideal teammate I noticed she had more than I could’ve anticipated. As we played together I saw that she had experience and could hold her own on defense. She was certainly vocal but with her noodle-like arms and legs she backed it up, almost nothing got past her.”

“The courting period was rough. His “game” was weak, he is terrible at responding to texts, and he took us to The Tilted Kilt for our first date. I almost gave up. However, we finally reached a stage where we were more comfortable around each other and he really began to blossom. He had a funny way of making me laugh ALL the time and he was spontaneous.”
I played it cool in the beginning–didn’t want her getting too attached. But the more I hung out with her, the more I realized we fit like a glove. She laughed at every single one of my jokes. She loved playing ‘guess that tune’ with me (even though she guessed Nirvana every time), loved playing fantasy football (or at least claiming to know how), and most importantly, she loved to cook and I love to eat.

If you’re not laughing at these quotes from their love story, just leave my blog, now. Though they live in St. Pete, Jessica had to have a unique wedding and chose one of the most interesting venues I’ve been to. Check out Waldo’s Secret Garden’s website here to learn more. They got ready at a local hotel in Vero Beach. Their ceremony was full of personal stories and vows, lots of laughter and a little bit of crying. Their reception was FULL of good times and great music!

Thank you to all the vendors that really helped put their day together:

Akili with Sassy A la Mode, Two Chicks and a Pot, Bella Chic by Crystal, Blue Skies Entertainment, Heidi Campbell with Stationary Loft, Jessica’s dress is Sottero & Midgely separates from CC’s Boutique, and the couple themselves made almost everything DIY! Jessica and Kevin made the centerpieces, the arch, the bouquets, put together the lanterns, designed the place settings, the favors, the signage. Amazing!

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