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Brunch Themed Tanner Hall Wedding – Emily and Min

Emily and Min have a very emotional and endearing Tanner Hall wedding near Orlando with lots of greenery, brunch and donuts!

I’ll let Emily and Min tell their story since they wrote it so well:

Min fell for Emily nearly nine years ago. She had no idea. Years pass with intermittent friendly messages exchanged. A concert ticket becomes available and Emily seeks a companion via a “Who is the Wittiest” contest. Min wins immediately. Their first date happens on Emily’s birthday. She can’t figure out why she is so nervous and changing outfits every five minutes. A sweet, shy boy takes her out for a wonderful evening. She witnesses him unabashedly dancing and singing along. Her hand uncontrollably gravitates toward his back and she falls in love. The couple is eternally grateful to Suicidal Tendencies for bringing them together.

The rest is history.

I’ll just go straight into what I remember most about their wedding day:

ALL the emotions from everyone! They were so strong. The very person gifts to each other and how they exchanged their personal vows during the first look. How frigid the wind was! It was back in January (yes I’m behind on blogging). Emily’s adorable jean jacket. Their brunch themed reception (check out the art work by Emily that was on the buffet).

Thank you to the following people for making their day awesome:

Emily Grace Design, Treasury Rentals, Little Wild Bloom, Donnie’s Donuts, Soundwave Entertainment, her dress is from BHLDN and his suit is from The Black Tux. Thanks to their friends Shahin and and Ann for officiating.

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