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Vibrant and Artsy Tampa engagement session - Kaitlyn & Clifton

Kaitlyn and Clifton have a playful Tampa engagement session at the Hillsborough River State Park.

Kaitlyn and Clifton are both so cool and so smart! They are pilots in the Air Force! They got married in North Carolina, a place with endless mountainous views! I was so sad I was already booked for their wedding, but their Tampa engagement session was AMAZIIIIIING!

For a couple who loves nature, what better place to capture their engagement photos than the Hillsborough River State Park! The vegetation that swallows the park is warm and welcoming. Kaitlyn and Clifton brought two outfits each. The first outfit was a little more formal and we stayed in the trees. There is a wooden suspended bridge that goes over the Hillsborough River surrounded with trees, framing the walkway just right allowing for some engaging Tampa engagement photos. 

Kaitlyn and Clifton changed into their second outfit that was more casual, but more fun! We walked to the Hillsborough River with the bridge in the background. Kaitlyn and Clifton did some twirls near the water and walked along the edge. The water was reflecting all the plants around it creating an artistic and symmetric affect. They look like they are in a painting! We finished their engagement session with some fun in the tall grass. The sunset added a gorgeous orange glow illuminating every shade of every color! 

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