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Heart-felt Sunken Gardens Wedding in St. Pete - Briana and Travis

Briana and Travis have an emotional and touching Sunken Gardens wedding in St. Pete! Their daughters attached to their hips the whole time. A close and loving family were joined together in holy matrimony.

Travis caught Briana’s eye at the blueberry patch. Her friend got his number for her and they later discovered she messed up the digits! It didn’t matter though, because fate brought them together again! Now they are married and have two spirited little girls who very clearly love their mom and dad!

Briana got ready at a friend's house and Travis at the Hollander Hotel in downtown St. Pete. They decided to do a first look so that they could do photos with the kiddos and wedding party beforehand, especially since the girls probably wouldn't cooperate for very long (ha!) and the sun would be setting very soon after the ceremony. There was some gorgeous lighting on the wedding lawn at Sunken Gardens for their portraits.

Not a dry eye after a tender ceremony in the North Lawn. Which continued right into the reception when Briana surprised her grandmother. Wanting to honor her grandmother and their Irish roots, she had an Irish step dancing group perform bringing the  biggest smile to grandma’s face. A memorable moment that was thrilling to experience and photograph. A thoughtful and love-filled wedding.

Thank you for making their day happen :

Jessica Silva (wedding coordinator), Chris Thomas (officiant), Movie Magic (videographer), Wonderland and Floral Art (florist), Erin Okeeffe (caterer), Allison Lutich (cake/dessert), Destiny and Light (hair and makeup), Dave Kanaszka (DJ), Wear your love - Etsy (Briana’s Dress), Foto Box Live (photo booth), Terry Gilleoghan (Irish Dance Group)

What I will remember most :

When the girls stood as close as they could to mommy and daddy as they said “I do”, the Irish step dancing was so energetic and bought the room to life (such a cool moment), when Briana requested “Jersey Girl” by the Boss and everyone came together and danced.

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