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St. Pete Proposal at Fort DeSoto - Haylie & Kylee

Haylie and Kylee have a romantic St. Pete proposal at Fort Desoto Park. Kylee was so shocked and couldn't contain her love for Haylie and her new Tiffany's ring.

Haylie planned the best St. Pete proposal on Ft. DeSoto beach.

Haylie and Kylee both play professional softball and absolutely love Florida! They were together for five years when Haylie decided to lock it down and ask Kylee for forever together. They came down to Florida for a beach vacation in St. Pete. Haylie contacted me and we discussed her plan and the best place in Fort Desoto park for this life-changing moment. We chose a spot where the background was ocean and rock so it seemed like they were surrounded by sand, rock, and the vast ocean. The sky was every color of the rainbow! Shades of pinks, oranges, blues, and violets filled the entire horizon and even reflected off the water. 

Before Haylie and Kylee walked to the location for their St. Pete proposal, me and my assistant, Cece, planned a fake photoshoot so Kylee wouldn’t see me photographing them and possibly blow the surprise. Cece is a dancer so our fake photoshoot was her in pose and leaping on the sand. The perfect illusion! When they approached Haylie walked Kylee to the water and got on her knee with the Tiffany ring ready. Kylee had no idea Haylie was going to pop the question! 

After the proposal we walked over to congratulate them and go capture more photos! Kylee was so confused, she really did not know we were there to photograph their proposal! Success! We then headed over to the pier and the ruins to take more photos with Kylee’s new Tiffany's bling. Haylie knew Tiffany’s was the way to go because Kylee grew up with Tiffany jewelry.  It meant a lot to her and the smile on her face and her inability to stop looking at it proved that fact. 

Haylie and Kylee decided to postpone their wedding not due to COVID entirely, but because of the olympics! Haylie was supposed to be in the summer 2020 olympics on the US softball team. The day will come and it will all be worth the wait!

What I remember most:

My nerves before they arrived, hearing how genuinely surprised and happy Kylee was, how much Kylee LOVED her new Tiffany engagement ring, reenacting the proposal for another photo op, and photographing them on the ruins.

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