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Intimate Siesta Key Couple's Session - Paige & Phil

Paige and Phil have a glowing Siesta Key couple's session that brought out their post-wedding bliss and firey chemistry.

Paige reached out to me about doing an after wedding session. They live in DC, but their heart is also in Siesta Key. Their wedding was in Southwest Florida, and while they loved their photos, they wanted a little different feel for these images. More carefree and vibrant. I was super happy to create these gorgeous beach sunset photos for them! Phil is a talented photographer himself. When I met them, I was like, "WHOA, they're hot!" They are! You cannot deny that they're very good looking. To add to it their effortless love and connection made every image easy to capture. We had a great time going to some of their favorite spots on Siesta Key Beach. We also got an AWESOME sunset! Light pink filled the sky and eventually turned into a blood orange spreading across the horizon. A simply flawless sunset to match their firey chemistry. It was an honor to meet them and get to capture them in their post-wedding bliss! I can't wait to photograph them again when they come down to Siesta Key next time!

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