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Sustainable and DIY Rialto Theatre Wedding - Ali & Fabio

Ali and Fabio have a sweet DIY and artistic Rialto Theatre wedding. Family and friends came together to create a simple and tasteful celebration.

Ali and Fabio have a sweet DIY and artistic Rialto Theatre wedding in Tampa with lots of love and food! They both live in Seminole Heights and Ali grew up there too so they knew they wanted to keep their wedding local. How they met: Ali and Fabio met at a Young the Giant/Grouplove concert through mutual friends. Music brought them together and changed the rest of their lives.

Wedding Day

Fabio got ready at their home in Seminole Heights. Ali got ready at Le Meridien in downtown Tampa. Ali did her own hair and makeup and her mother helped her into her dress. Her dress is by a sustainable designer, Christy Dawn. The dress was simple and tasteful just like her hair and makeup.

Their Rialto Theatre wedding ceremony was personal and touching. The wood arch they stood under and vowed to be together forever was built by Fabio's father. Ali, her friends, and her mom did the flowers that transformed their wedding into a green wonderland. It's not easy to take on the challenge of making your wedding decor. They had trial and error, but everything came together perfectly for their big day. It was just as the bride wanted, a fun, relaxed wedding with a great party to end the night. Lots of candid moments, effortless laughs, and rockin' dance moves.

Thank you to the following for making their day happen:

Kristen Hansen - Flawless Fetes (Wedding Coordinator), Harden Hopper (Officiant), Ian VanCattenburch - Movie Magic Productions (Videographer), Cory Baron (DJ), Christy Dawn (Bride’s dress)

What I remember most:

Ali getting ready at the La Meridien doing her makeup sitting on the floor and looking into the huge floor to ceiling mirrors, the transformation of the Rialto Theatre with the flowers made by Ali, herself, her friends, and her mom, the wooden arch way made by Fabio's father, Ali's lace and vintage style sustainable dress by Christy Dawn. It's so fun and refreshing to see a DIY wedding where loved ones come together to create a visual representation of Ali and Fabio's love.

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