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Jewel Tone Lord of the Rings Themed Kathleen’s Garden Wedding - Heather and Javier

Heather and Javier have a Lord of the Rings themed Kathleen’s Garden wedding in Plant City, FL. Everyone came together to watch Heather and Javier pass into the next chapter of their lives and to hear Gandalf, himself, say "YOU SHALL PASS"!

Heather and Javier met on MySpace! The old stomping grounds. It all started with Javier commenting on Heather’s photos, to long talks over the phone, to meeting at their local Starbucks, to a lifelong commitment to each other. Javier planned the most romantic and memorable proposal for Heather. They spent eight years together, have two adorable and energetic daughters, and now they say “you shall pass” to the rest of their lives together as husband and wife! 

Their Kathleen's Garden wedding ceremony was entertaining and emotional. Their Officiant, Edward Mason, dressed up as Gandalf and wed them. Gandalf did a great job keeping everyone's attention by adding a bit of humor to their ceremony and highlighting the bride and groom's eternal love. Gandalf didn't steal the show however, the adorable kids were hilarious and Heather still caught everyones eyes when she walked down the aisle in her lacy, sleeved dress from Truly Forever Bridal. A family friend was playing the saxophone, setting the mood for their Lord of the Rings wedding.

Their Kathleen's Garden wedding reception was sprinkled with Lord of the Rings action figures. Every guest got a Lord of the Rings action figure at their seat. The jewel tone colors ranged from peach, to burgundy, to teals and blues accenting the garden surrounding. There was a smoke machine that was used to create fog during their first dance. The smoke transformed the dance floor into a dreamy set! They ended their Lord of the Rings wedding night with a sparkler exit leading to a vintage white Cadillac with "Just Married" written on it. Super retro!

Thank you to the following for making their day happen:

Charolette - Kathleen’s Garden (Wedding Coordinator), Edward Mason - Gandalf (Officiant), Jean - Monarch Events & Design (Florist), Rick - Engine 53 Pizza (Caterer), Goldie’s Goodies Bakery (Cake/Dessert), Cliff Brown - Crown Entertainment (DJ), Truly Forever Bridal (bride Dress), David's Bridal (bridesmaids Dresses), Truly Forever Bridal (groom and groomsmen)

What I remember most:

Heather's dad crying during their first look, Gandalf as the officiant was the cherry on top of the entire wedding, when Gandalf said "YOU SHALL PASS" at the end of the ceremony, the playful and on theme handmade ribbon wands, the little Lord of the Rings wedding action figures placed at everyones seat at their Kathleen’s Garden wedding reception, their "Just MARRIED" classic Cadillac.

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