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Fun Casa Lantana Wedding with Sunflowers – Alicia and Miller

Alicia and Miller have a fun Casa Lantana wedding with lots of sunflowers and smiles and one of the best garter retrievals I’ve ever seen!

What started as a friendship, through years blossomed into a passionate love. This is Alicia and Miller’s story told by me. I hope that through these blogs you get to know the couple a little and understand why their wedding day was so special. These two decided on a Casa Lantana wedding because of it’s beautiful forest and private property. They wanted their family to have a lot of fun, let loose and the party to never end. Or at least have them feel like they didn’t want it to end. I can tell you that is exactly what happened. Alicia and Miller are both BURSTING with personality! They told me they would only book with me if I allowed them to call me Reggie. Of course I was ok with that because it’s one of my nicknames!

The whole day was exciting, but here’s what I remember most:

Alicia’s first look with her dad and how he immediately cried, their FSU details, their rainy then not rainy ceremony, their CHOREOGRAPHED first dance was INSANE and of course Miller’s very unique garter retrieval and how Miller saved Alicia from catching on fire during the sparkler exit! You have to see the photos to believe me about all of this.

Thank you to all of the vendors that helped make their day amazing: Giselle with Casa Lantana, Artistry Films, Foote’s Flowers, Studio Bride, Mini Doughnut Factory, and Victor Garcia DJ.

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