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Boho Polynesian Bali Hi Estate Wedding in Captiva - Shannon & Craig

Shannon and Craig have a fun boho Polynesian themed wedding where family and friends came together for a laid back and emotional experience. The Captiva Bali Hi Estate wedding left everyone full of love and laughs.

Shannon and Craig met when they matched with each other on match.com. Their love story started with a like online and now they are husband and wife. Another successful dating app love story for the books!

Shannon and Craig got ready in separate rooms in the Bali Hi Estate on Captiva Island, FL. Shannon in the main house and Craig in the smaller house out front. They chose a Bali Hi Captiva Island Wedding because the rustic and nautical interior and beach exterior highlighted their tropical wedding vibes. Craig hand made a lot of the details, including the huge palm sign!

They had a really emotional first look and then we did some photos in this garden of paradise we found. It was so lush and literally full of fruits! I've never seen anything like it. It was all fun until we heard the irrigation sprinklers turn on and ran out of there! Their Captiva Bali Hi Estate wedding ceremony was elegant and fun-loving. Their ceremony was embellished with greenery, white flowers, and splashes of rose and magenta. Shannon changed up the tradition and wore a dress that was a pink hue while her bridesmaids wore white. She was the subtle pop of color everyone's eyes were drawn to. 

During sunset we went out on the beach for couple portraits. The sky was a soft pink fading into a light orange complimenting Shannon’s dress just right. Their Captiva Bali Hi Estate wedding reception was lively and moving. From touching toasts to silly dance moves, everyone had a good time with smiles on their faces! Before the sparkler exit we went out to photograph Shannon and Craig on the beach with the stars above. The stars were so bright without much noise pollution, allowing for a rare opportunity to capture the night sky. I am all for any chance I get to photograph the stars!

Thank you to the following for making their day happen:

Kara Cardinal - KC Wedding & Events (Wedding Coordinator) , Ian Lehn (Officiant), Tom Travato (Florist), Frisco’s - The Naples Wedding Catering Company (Caterer), Shelly Jones - Pastry Shells (Cake/Desert),  Tommy Giaime - Sol Productions & Entertainment Inc. (DJ), Leanne Marshall (Bride’s dress), GEM - Global Event Marketplace (Chairs, Tables, Lighting), Minted (Stationary), 18.21 Bitters (Custom Cocktails)

What I remember most:

All the DIY decorations including the sign at the entrance of the house, the bar sign, the koozies, and map of Captiva. Shannon's wedding dress by Leanne Marshall and reception dress, photographing Shannon and Craig with the "this must be the place" LED sign, taking Shannon and Craig to do night time beach photos with the stars!

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